Is My Oil Tank Safe?

Did you know that there are over 2,000 reported oil spills in Maine per year?
As we all know, Maine weather takes its toll, causing ground shifts, frost heaves, rust and general wear…all of which can affect a heating oil supply tank and it’s piping. Weather, corrosion, and poor maintenance can lead to spills, Is your oil tank safe?smells, leaks, well water contamination and lower property values.

Here is a checklist of items you can easily observe about your oil tank. But, remember to look: Please don’t touch. If you see rust or an oily patch of wetness on the tank’s surface, do not touch your tank. Please call Garthwaite, we’ll send a licensed Technician to evaluate for you.

  1. Are the tank legs unstable or on an uneven foundation?
  2. Do you see rust, weeps, wet spots or excessive dents on the tank’s surface?
  3. Are there any drips or signs of leakage around the oil filter or valves?
  4. Do the oil lines run either under concrete or above ground without being encased in protective tubing?
  5. Are there any threats of snow or ice falling on the oil tank or filter?
  6. Are there any signs of the tank’s vent being clogged or blocked by ice or snow? (Screened vents are available to prevent insect nest problems)
  7. Are there any signs of spills around the fill pipe?
  8. Is the tank’s gauge cracked, stuck or frozen? Do you see oil or staining around it?
  9. Is the age of your tank more than 25 years old?

If you answered YES to any of the questions on this checklist, please call Garthwaite Energy for a complimentary inspection and instruction on corrective measures.