Fuel Assistance

Home Heating Assistance Programs

Garthwaite Energy collaborates with Fuel Assistance Programs to keep you warm!

LiHeap-York County Community Action Program
This program is administered by Maine State Housing Authority offering fuel assistance to those in need in our service area. Please call their office in Sanford at (207) 324-5762 or toll free at (800) 965-5762 to set up an appointment. Their staff will assist you in the application process and let you know what programs are currently available.

Citizens Energy/ Joe for Oil
This program is administered by CITGO and is the brainchild of Joe Kennedy. This program offers aid independent of other assistance programs. Applications are accepted January through March (dates sometimes vary) for a one time delivery up to 100 gallons. Please call their toll free number 1-877-563-4646.

For more information, please go to their website: www.citizensenergy.com

Town General Assistance
Town assistance is determined by bidding, each year fuel companies bid and the lowest price wins, so it may not be Garthwaite Energy delivering the fuel. The companies can change each heating season so be sure to check with your local Town to see if assistance is available.
Another good resource to check out if you are in emergent need of help is your local church.