Boiler or Furnace ??

Do you have a furnace or a boiler?
Sounds like a simple question and it is, yet if you are not familiar with “technical” terms, it can be confusing.

Boilers heat water that circulates through the home and gives off heat … known as forced hot water heating. Furnaces heat air that is distributed throughout the house … called a forced hot air heating system.

Boiler Furnace
How heat is distributed Heats water which flows throughout pipes that radiate heat throughout the home. Heats air that is forced throughout the house using a blower motor.
Maintenance requirements Needs to have excess air bled from the system periodically, recognized when rooms are not heating up correctly. Filters need to be changed or cleaned on a regular basis, from once a month to once a quarter.
How temperature is controlled Typically installed with multiple zones, each with it’s own thermostat so you can set the temperature differently for living areas versus bedrooms. Forced air systems historically were controlled by a central thermostat.
Energy efficiency Multiple zones are recommended to reduce heating costs to only the rooms you need at any given time. Uses electricity to power the fan motor. A variable speed fan motor is more efficient and can save you hundreds of dollars per year.