Annual Safety Gas Check

Safety is our priority when providing propane to our wonderful customers.  Properly functioning equipment is not only efficient, but safer. It is because of this that we recommend annual safety gas checks of your equipment.

Keep your gas system and appliances functioning at their best with an annual Gas Check.  During your scheduled Gas Check, a certified Technician will:

  • Clean and pressure test your entire system.
  • Check all valves, controls and exhaust vents.
  • Check the propane tank and regulators.
  • Check all piping and test for leaks.

This will ensure that your propane-fired equipment is functioning at optimum efficiency and that your piping is up to code and leak-free.  Other propane equipment we can check are your water heater, gas lines, fireplace, gas range, dryer, pool and hot tub heaters.  We recommend this service prior to the heating season, but our trained Technicians are available to visit your property at any time.