Annual Burner Tune Up

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your home heating system in top condition. Built up soot and debris can lead to a less efficient heating unit, which in turn leads to higher fuel consumption.  Plus, annual maintenance greatly extends the life of your equipment.

The best time to clean and tune-up your heating system is in the Spring, following the heating season.  It is at this time that the soot and residue build up is still soft and easiest to remove, which allows for a better cleaning.  Your annual maintenance can be done at any time of year, however we recommend choosing a time to get it in top condition before needing to fire it up on a cold night!  A properly maintained system increases fuel efficiency, is typically required to meet warranty mandates and extends the life of the unit.

When our Service Technician visits your home, they will take the following steps to assure your burner is performing at peak efficiency:

  • Test and adjust oil burner for maximum efficiency
  • Replace oil nozzle and filters
  • Brush and vacuum combustion chamber, flue passages and smoke pipe
  • Safety check limits and controls
  • Clean and inspect all burner components
  • Inspect oil tank, oil line and fittings
  • Inspect all heating system components
  • Perform a System Efficiency test

The Benefits of Cleaning your Burner Annually

  • Your system will last longer
  • It will increase fuel efficiency
  • It is less likely to break down in the middle of the winter
  • Lack of preventative maintenance may result in major service problems or
    void warrantees